The 9th Video Conference of the Regional Public Health Network [RPHL Network] was held, 1000 – 1200hrs, Bangkok Time, 8 December 2020

Attended by members of RPHL Network and key development partners including FAO, OIE, CARPHA, DTRA, Chair of GHSA Action Package 3 (Biosafety & Biosecurity), USAID RDMA, IDDS project, and the DMSC. This was the last virtual  Conference of the year 2020 with the aim on:

  1. Reflections of what has been done in the year 2020
  2. Focus of 2021 by seeking inputs from the following:
  • Common gaps of lab diagnostic capacity based on Side Meeting of GHSA Detect 1, 21October 2020
  • Directions of GHSA Detect 1 and GHSA Chair [Thailand]; and
  • Works of other lab networks and GHSA Action Packages
  • Proposed possible activities/collaborations from key development partners

The participants agreed to organize a follow up virtual meeting in December 2020/January 2021 to discuss and develop 2021 action plan of RPHL Network.

Presentation from the conference


Intro to CARPHA and CariPHLN RPHL 444.60 KB 4 downloads


Wrap Up 2020 - RPHL Network 11.35 MB 3 downloads