The RPHL Network video conference 14 October 2021.

The RPHL Network video conference was conducted at 10 30 – 12 00 [Bangkok Time], on 14 October 2021. It was attended by Contact Persons of RPHL Network, Lab Experts, and Key development partners.

Highlights include:

  • Technical Session on “Covid-19 Laboratory Diagnosis in ASEAN Country” led by the Director of National Institute of Health, Thailand, Dr. Archawin Rojanawiwat.
    • His video clip presentation can be downloaded here
  • Introduction of 22 Lab Experts: email consultation can be initiated by sending a request to RPHL Network Secretariat, inventory to be uploaded in the RPHL Network Website soon
  • Introduction of new contact person, Philippines
  • Reminder of RPHL Network Survey to be completed by 15 October 2021
  • Upcoming activities: Global Laboratory Leadership Program, Table Top Exercise, and Annual Forum of RPHL Network