7-8 December 2021

08.00 – 11.00 AM, ICT, Hybrid Meeting

Programme in Brief

Day 1: Open Session for all interested individual, lab network, academia, development partners

Welcome Remarks by Dr. Supakit SirilakDirector General of the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand;

Remarks by Dr. Steve Olive, Mission Director for the Regional Development Mission for Asia; and

Opening Remarks – Video Clip of H.E. Mr. Anutin Chanvirakul, Health Minister, Thailand.


  • RPHL Network at a glance [RPHL Network Secretariat]
  • Key Note: Networking: does it matter? /Why Networking?
  • Panel Discussion: Maximizing resource mobilization – Learning from the Networks
  • Technical Issues – topic/selected lab expert: Topic: Open Country: Living with COVID – 19 [Laboratory Aspect]


Participants: RPHL Network members, Lab Experts, invited partners

  • Review achievements, challenges [08 00 – 09 15]
  • Opportunities for Joint collaborative efforts [09 25 – 10.25]
  • Discussion & identify ways forward [10 25 – 10 50 hrs.]
  • Closing Remarks by Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

An annual partnership forum for RPHL Network is hosted by the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, under support if the USAID through the Infectious Diseases Detection and Surveillance Program [IDDS]. The event aims to enhance networking of lab networks and partners, to share/learn on key technical issues on laboratory, and to review and identify ways forward of RPHL Network.


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Day 1 

Session 1 : Setting the Scene

Session 1.1 : RPHL Network t a glance

Ms.Jintana Sriwongsa

Session 1.2 : Networking : does it matter? / Why Networking?

Dr.Suriyan Vichitlekarn

Sessin 2 : Contributions of Lab Networks

2.1 Panel Discussion : Maximizing resource mobilization – Learning from the Networks

Session 2.1 : Ms.Shuen Chai

Session 2.1 : Dr.Theodore Kuschak

Session 2.1 : Dr.Vipat Kuruchittham

Session 2.1 : Dr.Erick Cook

Session 2.1 : Dr.Archawin Rojanawiwat

2.2 Technical Issues: open Country: Dealing with COVID-19 and its complexity of Omicron variant

Session 2.2 : Dr.Theodore Kuschak

Session 2.2 : Dr.Supakit Sirilak

Session 2.2 : Prof. Vasan

Session 2.2 : Dr.Dhamari Nadoo

Day 2 : RPHL Network Annual Meeting

Session 1 : review achievements, challenges 

Session 1 : Dr.Sandeep K. Meharwal IDDS

Session 1 : Dr.Theodore Kuschak

Session 2 : Opportunities for Joint collaborative efforts

Session 2 : Dr.Francis Yesurajan Inbanathan SEARO

Session 2 : Dr.Beth Skaggs TUC

Session 2 : Dr.John Jones EU CBRN

Session 2 : Dr.Ronello Abila OIE

Final Terms of Collaboration RPHL Network



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