2/2024 RPHL Network Partnership Video Conference

On April 3, 2024,The RPHL Network conducted a Video Conference attended by RPHL Network contact person from all 14 members, lab experts, key development partners & RPHL Network Secretariat.

Highlights include:
1. Updates on key activities of Implementation of Capacity Development Plan [2023-2027]
– Kick-off meeting of Twinning Program on BRM Advisor Development in 4-8 March 2024, hosted by RPHL Network Malaysia
– Updates from Timor – Leste, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines on Development of National Laboratory Strategic plan

 – RPHL Network Q and A Forum

2. Upcoming Activities/Opportunities
– Announcement of Award for development of Online One Health Course for SEA-OHWA, eligible countries, details to be uploaded soon
– Hosting a fellowship on Lab
– Genomic Epidemiology Workshop for Lab and epidemiology to be held on May 29-31th, 2024
– Strengthening lab capacity and sharing lab good practices through Virtual Community of Practice (Online Marketplace), scheduled on 30 April 2024
– The 3rd Cohort: Biosafety Cabinet Maintenance Workshop scheduled on 10-13 June 2024, nomination before 22 April 2024
RPHL Network conducts regular virtual meetings for network and partners. Stay tuned for the next meeting.